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Beautiful Proposals. Ultimate Flexibility.

ProposalPath's powerful step-by-step workflow adapts to the way you and your sales team work. Whether you're selling a meetings & events venue, a destination, or hospitality services, we've built best practices into ProposalPath for creating engaging and effective proposals for the variety of industries and market segments you serve.


Hotel Group Sales




Golf Clubs/Resorts




Convention Centers


Travel Agencies

Professionally Designed

You want your customer communications to look consistently great and to be aligned with your brand standards. Our design staff will work with you to build a proposal that immediately grabs your customer's attention and presents all the information they'll need to make the swift decision to choose you over your competition.

Highly Customizable

Your clients have specific needs for each meeting or event, and ProposalPath helps you deliver the right information to close the business. Quickly select the right content, photos, and sales collateral in just a few clicks, and watch as ProposalPath transforms them into a winning presentation.

Mobile Compatible

You can't control which devices are being used to view your proposals, but ProposalPath has you covered. Thanks to responsive design, your proposals will look consistently great, whether they are being viewed on a desktop computer, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or other handheld mobile devices.

A Home for Your Sales Material

Your catering menus, A/V pricing, fact sheets, and other sales collateral are securely hosted and easily sharable. Improve your sales team's efficiency by pre-determining which documents, messaging, and multimedia content is sent per-template, and have the confidence that your sales managers are sending the latest information to customers.

Detailed Analytics

Our integrated Lead Log, Tracking, and Dashboard gives you everything you need to organize, track, and report on your team's outbound sales efforts. You'll engage more effectively with prospects knowing when they've viewed your proposal, what sales material they've reviewed, and how long they've engaged with your content.

Videos and Custom Site Tours

ProposalPath's Premium Media add-on helps you engage with your customers on a higher level, and further distinguish your proposals from competitors. Quickly add personalized video messages or build custom narrated tours – sending a strong message to your customer that says “We want your business!”

Integrated RFP Forms

Rfp forms

Our RFP Forms add-on enables you to capture leads directly from your website or other digital platforms and send them straight to ProposalPath for an immediate, high-impact response.

  • Receive more direct leads by providing a form on your website that flows straight into your ProposalPath account
  • Improve response time and facilitate communication by distributing RFPs to the appropriate sales manager and tracking lead progress
  • Quickly respond with a professional proposal
  • Optimize results through detailed tracking and reporting
  • Create "profile pages" for sales managers to distribute via online marketing, social media, and other digital channels

Online Catering Menus

Our Online Catering Menus add-on brings the same great presentation and design of the ProposalPath proposal to your catering menus. Sales managers have the ability to custom select menus to send to customers standalone, or fully integrated into the proposal experience.

  • Quick and simple management of menu categorization and items, ensuring the right information and most current pricing is always in the hands of your customers
  • Eliminate time-consuming maintenance and distribution of paper, Word doc, or PDF menus
  • Sleek and streamlined menu design, built for readability and ease of decision-making for the meeting planner
  • Optimized for viewing on both desktop and mobile